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  •   Z1 Z9 D
    Supply Voltage DC +5V To 24V DC +5V To 24V DC +5V ±5%
    Requirement 60mA or less 80mA or less 150mA or less
    Output Voltage

    H:                 Within -1 Power Vot

    L:(※1)          0.5V or less


    Within -1 Power Vot

    0.5V or less

    2.5V or more

    0.5V or less

    Max Output Current 20mA MAX 20mA MAX 20mA MAX
    Rise&Fall time 1μs or less 1μs or less 200ns or less
    Max Frequency Response(※2) 5KHz 5KHz 5KHz


    ※1:  At Max Output Current

    ※2:  Without click mechanism


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